Ep.2 The Snow Globe

Once upon a time, in an attic, two sisters Cayla and Claire were choosing their clothes for the upcoming festival. The winter passed and here came the spring. A variety of flowers had decorated this small town to become a colorful town. Cayla and Claire were kind hearted. Previously in the event of the last winter, both girls gave helps to the fairy godmother who pretended to be an old woman who was poor and hungry by offering the old woman some foods and shawl. Both girls received a bottle of magic potion as a present from the fairy godmother in return for their kindness. Every time when both girls sincerely did a good thing, the magical power would be refilled in this magical glass bottle. When the power of merits was fulfilled, their bedtime wishes would come true.
Bright rainbows across the mountains after the morning rain were such beautiful things. Two adorable sisters truly loved this season. Cayla took some yellow and pink tulips which were favorite flowers of their late parents for decoration in a vase.

“My sweethearts, since the Flowers Festival is coming, I wished all of us would help making some delicious desserts for contest in this year’s festival. I heard that people from other villages would also make their desserts for the contest. If we won the contest, we would get some money for our shop improvements”, said Gabriel, the bakery owner who was the biological grandfather of both girls. “Yes, grandpa, we will do our best”. Both girls were so glad and excited to create new dessert recipes for the contest in this Festival. Both girls and their grandfather helped developing a new dessert recipe which was a flower jelly cake, the seasonal dessert of this village. They delicately selected natural ingredients from their farm to make this dessert. Cayla and Claire used their mother’s beautiful flower patterns and squeezed and extracted colors and odors of a variety of rare flowers which were used as key ingredients for making of this fragrant and eatable dessert. The dessert would be decorated with small edible flowers on a beautiful patterned ceramic plate.
When the Flowers Festival arrived, the two sisters could not wait to make their dessert for the contest. Both girls were determined to make the most beautiful and delicious dessert they had ever made. In this Festival, there were a lot of contestants from several villages but the two sisters were unworried. While both girls were preparing ingredients for the contest, Claire saw an old man and his nephew warmly holding each other in their arms.
“If we could not win this contest, we would have no money to repay debts and we would have no house to live in. Let’s do our best, my beloved nephew”, said the old man to his nephew who was at the same age to Claire.
Cayla and Claire heard their conversations and decided to approach and greet them and learned that the old man’s name was Grandpa Joseph and the nephew’s name was Jonathan from a remote village. They travelled on foot for the dessert contest with a hope to get money to repay their debts. The two sisters felt a lot of sympathy for them but both girls needed such money to improve their grandfather’s shop as well.
In the dessert contest, Cayla, Claire and their grandfather were determined to make the best dessert ever. The odor of their dessert attracted villagers to admire their dessert, and villagers could not wait to taste it. Their dessert was beautifully decorated and eatable. The contest time would be up in 5 minutes. The bell was ringing to remind all contestants. Jonathan felt the pressure and he was so nervous until his hands were shaking and he finally dropped his dessert on the ground. All people were shocked and felt sorry for them. The grandfather and his nephew were crying and holding each other in their arms with regrets. The atmosphere was so sad. When the contest time was up, the contest result was as expected. After referees of the contest tasted all desserts and collected the popular votes, the winners were undoubtedly Cayla and Claire. Cayla, Claire and their grandfather were very glad and they received some money as the winning price.
On the way home, Cayla and Claire saw Jonathan and his grandfather packing their stuffs and going home on foot. Both girls asked their grandfather to give them a ride. Their grandfather agreed with the idea of his nieces, and they volunteered to give a ride home to the old man and his nephew. When they arrived at a tiny house of Jonathan, Cayla and Claire gave the whole prize money to Jonathan and his grandfather. Grandpa Joseph considerately rejected and said that “we appreciated your kindness but we could not accept this amount of money. You deserved it”. Grandpa Gabriel insisted that “Never mind. We really intend to give this amount of money to you. My nieces told me the whole story before the contest started. Your dessert was eatable but you might be a bit nervous. So, we decided to give this amount of money to people in more need like you. We used to receive opportunities from others. Please accept this prize money. It is the prize for determination of you and your nephew”, said Grandpa Gabriel to Grandpa Joseph. Grandpa Joseph sincerely appreciated it and was very glad. They would spend this amount of money on repaying their debts. Grandpa Joseph promised not to forget this merit. The two sisters and their grandfather were very happy and satisfied with their assistance to other people. After winning the contest, the bakery shop of Cayla and Claire became well-known to nearby villages, and there were a lot of external visitors intending to buy desserts at their bakery shop until all desserts in their bakery shop were sold out. This might be a result of merit making of both girls and their grandfather.
Tonight, their merits were fulfilled in the magic bottle once again. They were so excited and made a wish that they could meet their late parents and could travel in the Magic Land. “Where should we go?”, Cayla asked her younger sister. “Should we go in here, Cayla?”, said Claire. Claire showed a beautiful snow globe with an underwater castle inside of it and bought by their mother. “Fantastic”, said Cayla and made a bedtime wish and slowly open the bottle of magic potion. The sparkling light from inside the bottle was a sign that the magic blessing would come true once again.
When both girls opened their eyes, they found that they were in the underwater world where snow was falling and becoming glittering crystal. “How come”, said the two sisters at the same time. “Don’t forget that we are in the Land of Imagination. Everything can happen”, said Lana, a unicorn-mermaid.“Lana, glad to meet you again”, the two sisters was glad to meet Lana, a kind hearted unicorn-mermaid.
In this underwater land, there were a lot of unicorn-mermaids swimming joyfully. “Today, I will take both of you for adventure to find the answer of origins of unicorn-mermaids. First of all, both of you must wear these necklaces”, Lana said and handed out beautiful necklaces decorated with pink jewelry in beautiful shell cassettes to the two sisters. Cayla and Claire quickly wore such necklaces. Both girls had strange feelings on both legs. Neat and glittering flakes gradually appeared on legs of both girls and their
legs turned out to be mermaid’s amazing tails.
Both girls could swim actively and could speak the language of the underwater world. Both girls were so glad. “Follow me”, Lana persuaded them. The two sisters did not hesitate to swim following Lana in the underwater world which was more beautiful than they could imagine. When diving deeper in the underwater world, the surrounding atmospheres became mysterious and cold as though winter would come back. “I can send you off right here. Dive deeper and follow the light from a small group of jellyfish. If anything  happens, use your wisdom and merits to get through obstacles”, Lana said and quickly swam back. The two sisters were frightened but wanted to be adventurous and to know these amazing secrets. Both girls dived deeper and kept following the light from such group of jellyfish. Suddenly, such group of jellyfish was split up as though they were
frightened by something in front of them. Claire wanted to know the truth and decided to dive ahead. Cayla caught a jellyfish in her hand for lighting and she swam following the jellyfish with curiosity. A giant shadow appeared quickly. It was the shadow of Kraken, a scary legendary octopus. Both girls shouted loudly with frights. Kraken used its giant tentacles and caught the two sisters and swallowed them into its mouth. “This place must be the stomach of that thing. It is so scary”. Though it was very
dark inside Kraken’s stomach, there was light from a jellyfish which was struck inside with them. Yes, this place was Kraken’s stomach.
“Will we be alright? Claire asked Cayla with fear. “Of course, there must be a way out for us”, Cayla said with hope. Inside Kraken’s stomach, both girls had not much time to escape because the acidic gastric fluid would be pouring out shortly. It seemed that Cayla got an idea. She swam and talked to a jellyfish. “Can you speak and what is your name?”, Cayla asked such jellyfish. “I can speak and my name is Little Small”, said the jellyfish. “Great, let’s follow my plan”. Cayla talked and made plan with the jellyfish Little Small. At the end of the conversation, the jellyfish sent strange vocal waves like he was sending some signals. At the same time, the acidic gastric fluid was pouring out with sickening smell. The two sisters felt weak immediately but tried to swim out of Kraken’s stomach. The gastric fluid was overflowing the stomach’s walls until a bracelet, which was
made of shells and was dropped by Claire, was decomposed as soon as it was exposed to such glowing green gastric fluid. Then, Cayla quickly told Claire to use the rest of her force swimming in circles in wall areas near Kraken’s throat to make Kraken annoyed and sick. Kraken felt irritated within its throat and opened up its mouth and exploded dark inks. At this moment, a group of jellyfish got into Kraken’s mouth and swam back to give light and lead the two sisters to get out of Kraken’s stomach in time. Under the diffusing black inks, a group of jellyfish was gathering and deploying like a more gigantic glowing monster than Kraken. Kraken was frightened and dived away into an underwater cave.
Finally,both girls could escape from Kraken and appreciated the help from Little Small and a large group of jellyfish. Such group of jellyfish volunteered to send them to the destination. When approaching the destination in front of them, there was a large and beautiful castle decorated with shells and jewelries. Both girls found a lot of mermaids queuing to enter the castle. Then, both girls realized that this was a sacred place that could temporarily transform the upper body of mermaids to unicorns. This place was the origin of relationship between mermaids and unicorns mutually residing in the sacred land beyond imagination. When mermaids were completely 9 years old, they would be transformed and would be able to fly above the water to the upper land of unicorns for travelling and meeting. Meanwhile, unicorns could enter the sacred ceremony in their own land and could get to the underwater land as well. Mermaids and unicorns had bonds and could live together peacefully for a long time in this Magic Land.
Finally, both girls knew the secrets of unicorn-mermaids. This adventure was very tiring but joyful. Both girls surveyed inside the castle and found a luxurious bedroom. Both girls were so tired, lied down and finally slept. It seemed like both girls were dreaming. Cayla and Claire dreamed that their parents came to meet them once again. The four of them were swimming in the greenish blue lake near their village, which was the familiar place in their childhood that both girls used to spend this warm time with their parents. Such memories came back. “We are so proud of both of you. You are growing so beautifully. We wish both of you keep these merits and we would meet again”. The mother said to both girls and held them in her arms. “Knock, Knock, Knock”. It was the door-knocking sound from the grandfather confirming that both girls are waking up from the world of imagination and dreams.
One month passed. “Today, I have visitors coming for my nieces”, said the grandfather. Both girls dressed themselves and quickly walked down the stairs. They could not believe their eyes, it was Jonathan and his grandpa Joseph. They brought a lot of fruits, milk and eggs for them and refunded money to them. “My grandpa and I intend to refund money to you. We spent money given by you on repaying our debts and on making a small farm until we had enough money to refund to you in return for your kindness and opportunities given to us”. They appreciated both girls and Grandpa Gabriel once again. Both girls were very glad to see them happy from sacrifice and merits of both girls. Both girls intend to continue making merits without expecting any rewards. Then, Jonathan and Grandpa Joseph became best friends of both girls and their grandfather. In every important opportunity, they would meet and celebrate their good friendship. Claire told the story of Magic Land to Jonathan and asked him to keep it as secret. Jonathan’s eyes were bright with excitement. Claire and Cayla promised him that if it was possible, they would make a wish that he would have chances to get to the Magic Land. Keep making merits without expecting any rewards, and the power of merits would be fulfilled. “See you again, kids”. The fairy godmother whispered in their ears in their sleep. The End
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