Ep.1 The Magic Potion
Once upon a time, in a friendly small town surrounded by mountains and lakes, there were 2 adorable and nice sisters, namely Cayla aged 12 and Claire aged 8, residing with their grandfather, Gabriel, who was being sick with old age. They opened a famous bakery in a small village. Their parents died because of storm striking the village 5 years earlier. Both girls were kind and generous.
During holidays in early winter, they would help their grandfather baking delicious bread of special recipe for the winter festival and would hand out these loaves of bread to neighbors and poor people in the village. One day in the cold and sooner winter, while travelling to deliver loaves of bread of special recipe to a millionaire living in a mansion in the rear of the village, both girls had met an old woman lying in a cold weather under a leafless tree.
At that time, snow was falling heavily, and both girls were supporting the old woman to get on a hired horse-drawn carriage. The older sister Cayla covered to the old woman with
her shawl to release the coldness. “I really appreciate your help”, said the old woman. “Not at allgrandma, we are willing to do it. You must be cold and hungry, mustn’t you? We have delicious loaves of bread for you to release your hunger”, said both girls. Claire picked up and handed delicious loaves of bread to the old woman. The old woman was in tears with gladness and was eating bread hungrily.“This is the most delicious bread I have ever eaten”, said the old woman. “By the way, where are you going?” The old woman asked curiously. “We are delivering these loaves of bread to Mr. Julian, a millionaire living in a mansion in the rear of the village. But don’t worry, grandma, we will bake new loaves of bread and will deliver them to Mr. Julian once again”, said Cayla.
The old woman deeply appreciated their kindness. The three of them joyfully talked on the carriage. When snow stopped falling, the old woman said goodbye and would go home. Cayla and Claire volunteered to walk her home but the old woman considerately rejected. “My house is not far from here. Don’t worry, sweethearts. Both of you should go home quickly and start baking loaves of bread for the millionaire or your grandfather will complain about you”, said the old woman. Then, the old woman gave a beautiful glass bottle to both girls. “This is what I will give you in return for your kindness. Before you go to bed, keep this glass bottle underneath your pillow and make a wish”. Both girls had no doubt about it but they thought it was only a small reward from the old woman. Both girls appreciated
it, said goodbye and returned home.
During the journey, both girls stopped by the graveyard of their parents. They told stories of happiness and past events in front of the graveyard their parents. Both girls often stopped by this place every season with remembrance regardless of recognition by their parents. When both girls arrived home, they quickly walked away from their grandfather because they were afraid that their grandfather would blame them but it was too late, their grandfather turned to that direction and saw them. “Why did you return home so late?I was so worried about you”, their grandfather asked with concerns. “We are so sorry, grandpa”. Cayla and Claire walked to their grandfather and held him in their arms and
told him the whole story. “Don’t worry, sweethearts. Both of you did a good job. Let’s bake new loaves of bread for delivery to Mr. Julian”. Their grandfather said with understanding.
After new loaves of bread were already baked, both girls delivered them to Mr. Julian once again and explained the reason why the delivery of bread was delayed. After Mr. Julian heard the reason, he was not angry at both girls but admired them and ordered a lot of bread. Cayla and Claire were so glad. That meant both of them would have enough money to take their grandfather to the hospital for treatment and to buy a new sweater for their grandfather.
When both girls arrived home, Claire remembered that there was a beautiful glass bottle like a magic potion given by the old woman. Both girls kept the glass bottle beneath the pillow and quickly went down to help their grandfather as usual. Before the bedtime, both girls made a wish as usual.“I wished I could meet my parents once again” “And I wished I could have a chance to travel to beautiful places”. After making a wish, both girls lied down in their warm small bed in the attic that was once decorated by their parents. While feeling asleep, both girls thought about the bottle beneath the pillow. Then, both girls took it out and were amazed with the sparkling light from inside the bottle.
When the bottle was opened, the sparkling light from inside the bottle made both girls close their eyes tightly. When the sparkling light was faded, both girls slowly opened their eyes and found themselves in the “Magic Land”.
In this Magic Land, the skies and lakes were full of unicorn-mermaids.“That must be a unicorn-mermaid that we ever imagined”, said Cayla. A beautiful unicorn-mermaid was flying closely to both girls and said that “get on my back”. Both girls were glad and quickly got on the back of such unicorn-mermaid. “What is your name? Claire asked suspiciously. “My name is Lana. I am living in this magic land which is full of angels, pixies, elves and unicorn-mermaids. Humans who can get here must be blessed with magic only”, said Lana. “Really? This is one of the most amazing things ever happened in our lives”, Claire said excitedly. Lana flied both girls over rainbows extending to a beautiful castle which was full of wonders. The route to the castle was full of colorful and glowing flowers and the pinkish blue skies were full of stars which could glow in the daytime. This place is so beautiful and beyond imagination. When reaching the castle, both girls met the old woman once again. The old woman was in an elegant dress with shawl. In fact, the old woman was a fairy godmother, namely, “God Mommy”. God Mommy greeted both girls and told them the whole story.

“Both of you were blessed with this magic because both of you were kind hearted”. Both girls were so glad and held the fairy godmother in their arms.
“Do you want to be unicorn-mermaids?” asked the fairy godmother.
“Of course, we wish to fly like unicorns and to swim like mermaids”, Cayla said excitedly.

Then, the fairy godmother picked up a magic stick and used the magical power to turn both girls to be unicorn-mermaids immediately. Wink!!! Suddenly, Cayla became a yellow unicorn-mermaid with a beautiful horn, and Claire became a cute pink unicorn-mermaid. Both girls were very glad that they could fly in the skies and swim underneath the ocean as they wished. The underwater world was full of crystal shells of different colors and glowing corals. In addition to mermaids, there were a lot of beautiful sea animals beyond imagination. After the joyful travelling, both girls came back to the fairy godmother. Then, the fairy godmother used the magic to change both girls to their original condition. “There are a lot of secrets and adventures in this place but today I will show both of you to the chamber of secrets in the attic of the castle”, said the fairy godmother. When walking up to the attic,the fairy godmother told both girls to open the door and they would find the most desirable things.
Both girls slowly opened the door and walked through it with suspicion and excitement but what they saw in front of them turned out to be their bedroom. “How did we get back to our bedroom?”, Cayla said with confusion. Cayla turned to the familiar couch and found out that there were a couple sitting on the couch and smiling at them. “Yes, they are our parents”. Cayla and Claire could not believe their eyes and quickly held their parents in their arms. All of them were very glad to meet again. Their parents did not change. The embracement and kind voices of their parents made both girls superbly happy again. All 4 people were talking joyfully. Both girls were so happy and wished that their parents no longer left them. At this moment, the Magic Land was getting dark and it was time for both girls to sleep. Their parents took both girls to their bed and sang a song for them to sleep like the old time when their parents were still with them. Both girls slowly slept with warmth from their parents’ embracement.
Suddenly, there were knockings “Wake up, sweethearts. It is late in the morning now, and you are supposed to come down for breakfast”, shouted their grandfather. Both girls woke up and did not find their parents. They thought it was just a dream but it was the best dream ever. Claire quickly told the story in her dream to Cayla but it was surprising that both girls had the same dream. Therefore, both girls wanted to find out the truth. Cayla opened up her pillow and found that the magic potion was still there
but it was empty now.
Both girls travelled to the place where they used to meet the fairy godmother and hopelessly awaited for so long. Suddenly, when both girls were turning back, the fairy godmother in the form of the same old woman appeared and said that “both of you could go back to the Magic Land and meet your parents once again when the glass bottle was refilled with the power of merits. Every time when both of you sincerely do a good thing, this magical power will gradually increase. When it is enough, then, both of you can make a wish that will become real”. When the fairy godmother finished the words, she gradually disappeared.
Both girls understood it now and intended that they would keep doing good things. They hurriedly took a lot of loaves of bread that were ordered by Mr. Julian as promised. The kind millionaire handed out a lot of loaves of bread to poor people and gave extra money to both girls. Both girls sincerely appreciated the kindness of the millionaire and quickly divided some money to buy a new sweater for their grandfather. Their grandfather could fitly wear the sweater and liked it so much. Both girls spent the balance of such money for medical treatment of their grandfather until their grandfather was healthy again. Both girls were so happy. Before the bedtime, Claire and Cayla kept watching at the bottle of magic potion every night. They looked forward to the time when the power of merits would be refilled, and when their wishes came true, they believed that a new journey to the Magic Land must be more enjoyable and filled with happiness than ever. The End
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